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Title: The Weak and Defenceless
Author: [personal profile] capt_facepalm
Rating: PG
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Gaslight ACD)
Characters: Dr Watson, Wiggins, Fred Euston, OC (mentioned)
Summary: puppies
Warning: (the feels?)
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: July 13th 2017 prompt: Picture prompt: cute puppies


‘I say, Wiggins,’ said Dr Watson. ‘You’re looking out of sorts. What’s the matter?’

‘Nothing. Fred and me had a fight is all.’

‘You fellows fight all the time.’

‘Yeah, but this was serious. A few days back he found some abandoned puppies and brought them home. We don’t got enough food for our own selves so I ordered him to get rid of them. He refused so I whupped him good. Then he left. I thought he was taking them pups to the river, but he didn’t come back. He’s just a kid and too little to protect himself.’


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Author's Note: We have been here before on July 26th 2012. Link to Ratcatchers.

Date: 2017-07-14 01:48 am (UTC)
mafief: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mafief
Yes the feels! Now I'm all concerned about puppies and kids being around a river. Ack!

Date: 2017-07-14 03:47 am (UTC)
gardnerhill: (Default)
From: [personal profile] gardnerhill
Ach. The cold reality of that stark poverty.

Date: 2017-07-14 06:23 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
A sad and scary situation:-(
Mrs P

Date: 2017-07-14 10:47 pm (UTC)
med_cat: (Default)
From: [personal profile] med_cat

Hope you'll continue this


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